Training Classes are conducted live by Seyyed Ahmad Shahnemat Alh, a MikroTik Certified Training Partner.


MikroTik training classes are a combination of lecture and lab with plenty of time for questions and answers. Classes are held in various venues in the United States and Canada so there’s likely a class that is convenient. Taught from the prospective of a service provider, the classes are filled with practical application as well as theoretical knowledge.


Classes are designed to not only teach the subject matter, but to ensure successful completion of the MikroTik online certification exam.


On the last day of class you will be given the option to take the certification exam as the cost of the certification is included in your tuition. If you aren’t quite ready to take the exam, we offer you the option to take it at one of our future training sessions up to one year after your original training.


We will help you leave the class with a certificate and the knowledge to configure and use the product.


Prices quoted above include all training materials and up to 8 hours per day of instruction. Customer must provide/arrange for training facility that will need to be large enough to provide 3-4 feet of table space per student. Additionally, each student will have a router and laptop to be plugged in.


Following the class, you have the option of taking a certification test. This test is designed to measure your capability with general networking concepts as well as your specific proficiency with Mikrotik RouterOS®. If you’d like to receive the Mikrotik Certification (when you pass the test), there will be an additional $60/certification. This certification includes a level 4 license (which will be deposited to your Mikrotik account).


A minimum of 50% of the tuition and all expected expenses (including travel fee) is due at least 2 weeks prior to the start date for your training. This allows enough time for printing of manuals and travel and accommodation arrangements to be made. The balance of the tuition and remaining fees is due on the first day of class.